Shipping instructions

I suggest shipping using a service that allows you to track your orders and purchasing tracking and insurance for your package.  The most reliable services are listed below with a link to their shipping calculators.   For Items over 2lbs FedEx or UPS Ground is the cheapest.  You should also check with your shipping carrier about flat rate shipping options.

FEDEX: Shipping Calculator   
UPS: Shipping Calculator

(if you sign up for a free account at either FEDEX or UPS they often offer member discounts)

I request a Minimum order of $25. This is to help cover costs to digitize your images and shipping and handling. If you send me just two slides the cost will be $25.
Orders over $250 require a 10% down payment.

Packing instructions

If you would like your digital images organized into files please group the slides, photos or negatives together (baggies work ) and label the group with the name you want on the file. Examples are:

1975 camping trip with Aunt Jane
Andrew and Susan 25th wedding anniversary 1984

Use a strong and solid sided box.  Your shipping carrier can supply these for you.  Make sure the box is size appropriate.  Don’t send a shoebox full of images in a large box.  Make sure to stabilize your items with packing peanuts, bubble wrap or old newspaper.   If you include larger photographs, please put in an envelop first and not between pieces of cardboard where they can be overlooked.

You will receive an email confirming your package has been received and confirming any special handling you have requested

Please print out a copy of your online quote and add it to your package.  This ensures our order is handled correctly.

Once your images have been digitized, you will receive an email, along with an Invoice, to let you know the processing has been completed.  Your original items and any storage devices you have requested will be mailed back to you upon receipt of payment.