To request a quote, fill out the Quote Form and submit.  You can add questions in the Note box.  I will respond and answer any questions you may have.

If you know what you want, fill out an online Order Form or print and download the pdf.  version. There is a Notes section where you can add instructions and ask questions.

Orders over $200 require a 15% deposit.
You Pay for the project upon completion.  An invoice will be emailed for the finished project and include a flat rate shipping fee.

I accept checks and paypal.

I suggest you use FEDEX or UPS for security and tracking.

Box up your items according to the instructions on the Shipping page.  Always ship in a hard sided box for protection with extra padding to prevent shifting.

You will receive and email or text once the shipment has been received confirming your order.

You should received an email noting your project has been completed about 2-3 weeks after the receipt of the original material.  You can expect a 4-6 week turnaround during the Holidays.

IF you live in the Seattle area and wish to deliver your box of images in person, please call and I can arrange to meet you.  By pre-arrangement,  you can drop off your box of images to me at a conference I am vending at.

No media leaves the office. I will not use or post online any of your images. All original media will be shipped back along with the  physical storage type your have chosen.

No media with pornography or criminal activity is accepted.

I accept loose photos,  loose slides (35mm mounted slides),slide carousels, slides in sheet protectors, negatives (33mm film strips), photo albums and documents.

If you have something I haven't listed please contact me to discuss the options.

You can request:
300 or 600 dpi for your photos
3200 dpi for slides or negatives

Read here for more information about different Resolutions 

You can choose how you would like to receive your digitized, USB Thumb drive, CD or DVD.

I suggest asking for two copies of your digitized images. one for safe keeping and one to work from.

I' m Sorry but I can't except your USB due to the possible compromise of my network security.

Once ou receive the digitized images you will be able to make changes.  This includes renaming, as well as moving, uploading to Social Media and sharing with friends and family.

Please contact me if you have a Photo Album you would like digitized.
Removing photos from albums may cause damage. If you can disassemble the album and send the loose pages, I can scan each page and then crop the different pictures to a single file so you will see separate photos and the  page as a whole.

If pages can not be removed, please contact me for alternative options.


All photos will be digitized in the order I receive them and named numerically (example- 001.jpg). If you would like them organized into groups please bundle the items into separate envelopes and note the name of the folder you wish for each group.  (i.e. - Billy's 66th birthday).  I will create a folder and add all the birthday photos. Again, they will be named 001.jpg within each folder.

Once received, you will be able to go in and rename each digitized image.

I can NOT digitize copyrighted materials that do not belong to you.

I can not digitize


photo discs 

large books

vhs tapes

Placing an order, understanding shipping, what dpi means.....

If you have any questions please contact me at

The minimum order size is $25.  For larger projects, it's up to you.  Very large projects may take longer than  2-3 weeks or may be cost prohibitive.

If you have a large project please contact me at I can arrange to break your project into several smaller projects or talk to you about the time needed to digitize your items.