Be careful what you ask for!

Every holiday, when the family is visiting grandma, you ask if you can help sort through the boxes of mementos you know are in the attic.  Every year you’re told not now but  maybe next time.  You dream of the treasures you’ll find. Grandma tells stories of relatives you’ve never met.

Then, after the Thanksgiving dishes are washed and everyone is sitting in the living room listening to the family stories, grandma asks if you’d like to go up into the attic and look through the family photos.  YES!

As you run up the stairs, you envision boxes of photos neatly piled in the corner, photo albums kept in hope chests and steamer trunks full of letters and keepsakes.  You open the door and see

chaotic piles in the attic
Chaos in the attic

Ok,  maybe it’s not that bad but you still find unlabeled boxes and piles upon piles. How are you going to find uncle Charley’s vacation pictures from 1972 when he drove across county with his family? 

Organized Piles in the attic

Once you stop laughing (or crying) take a deep breath and find yourself a blank notebook.  It’s time to make a plan.

I’ll help you plot out the steps to take control of the piles and organize the photos, albums, slides, postcards and whatever else you find in grandma’s attic!

Stay tuned for the next blog where you’ll start with sorting the piles.

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